Whether you attend JeenesFit  group classes or feel you would prefer one-to-one Personal Training sessions, be assured you will get the highest quality training and coaching on form and technique, being pushed all the time to get that extra rep or that extra mile. Whether it's a specific sport, event, general fitness, Summer beach body or more importantly Health, challenge me to challenge you!
Sports Team Performance & Work Place  Group Training
Are you part of a Sports Team that wishes to improve Team Fitness & Performance?
Work Group that would like "In House" Training at your work place. Bond as a Team, get fitter as a Team and achieve results as a Team!!
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My Fitness System

"I believe in  focussed fitness that achieves real results"
With my Group Training you'll build core strength, increase cardio vascular fitness, flexibilty, agilty and overall strength. I use plenty of body weight exercises plus incorporate TRX, Kettlebells, Slam Ball, Sleds, Battle ropes, BOSU Ball and many more. High intesity Focussed interval Training (HiFiT) will burn up to 600 calories per session and keep burning up to 24 Hours after with the proven Metabolic AfterBurn Effect. All classes are of mixed ability from the beginner up to the Elite,  exercises are catered for the individual with constant coaching on Form and Technique giving you that Personal Training feel.
One-to-One Personal Training will start with a client assessment where a Client Specific Programme will be created and delivered by me personally, no generic apps or downloaded programmes used. You will work hard, you will be pushed, you will have fun and you WILL get results!

How strong do you want to be?
How fast would you like to become?
How long do you want to keep going for?
How muscular or how lean would you like to be?
How healthy would you like your life to be for you and your family?
Do you want to rid your household of bad eating habits but need educating?
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