I am from a small town in the Rhondda Valleys of South Wales. At the young age of 16 I joined the British Army where I completed a 22 Year distinguised career retiring in December 2013. 
Fitness, Health and Sport are what I am passionate about, if you want to achieve your Health and Physical best, let me help you get there!
I am a Fully Qualified Level 3 Master Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor through CYQ in UK. I am accredited by CanFitPro as a Personal Trainer Specialist and Fitness Instructor Specialist. I am a qualified Instructor in  KettleBell, MMA Fitness, Suspension Training (TRX, Jungle Gym etc), Core Strength & Stability, Circuit Trainer (Bootcamp) and Fitness in varying Environments ie using Nature to Train.
I have a passion for Outdoor training, naturally being Ex Military, Obstacle Course Racing, Spartans, Tough Mudder, Mud Runner etc etc. I play many Sports including Soccer, Rugby (Boots Hung but never say retired) and Hockey to name a few.

My Thoughts on Training

I believe in fun fitness for all by use of different training methods that suit the individual best. I believe in the use of own bodyweight work (Calisthenics), some of my toughest classes and PT sessions are with the use of no equipment what so ever.  Functional strength, range of movement, High Intensity Training, agility, flexibilty, speed and overall conditioning are covered in classes and specific to needs and goals programmes are created for Personal Training Clients.

Regular exercise increases Cardio Strength, reducing risks of heart disease therefore prolonging life and increasing quality of life. With the Use of simple equipment  and hard work the results are endless, whilst having fun. 

My philosophy is , If you don't enjoy the hard work you will lose motivation. By my methods of motivating you quitting is never an option!! 

We can work together to make a healthier lifestyle the path of choice, by educating, practicing and changing old bad habits into new great ones !!!