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JeenesFit Group Fitness Sessions are a fantastic way of getting in shape, meeting new people and having fun. The bootcamp style class are extremely motivating so much so you will keep coming back !!

My name is David Jeenes
Founder & Master Personal Trainer at JeenesFit

"I have spent most of my life staying in peak condition for health, sport and a distinguished 22 year career in the British Army, let me share my passion, energy and knowledge with you."

"I have had personal trainers before for a lot more money AND a whole lot less guidance or overall structure." Diane Ryan, St Johns, Newfoundland
"Dave's guidance helped me focus and push myself a little beyond what I would do ordinarily. From elite athletes to beginners, I'd recommend Dave to anyone. He's a great trainer."
Jonathan Crowe, St John's, Newfoundland

"He not only encouraged us to obtain fitness goals, but also dramatically increased our strength, overall health and muscle conditioning. David's continuos positive approach is addictive not to mention his effervessance, enthusiasm and strength based approach, which makes you wantr to do your best each class and keep returning for more."
Debbie and Chris Hodder
St Johns, Newfoundland.